By the look of the bear, the bridegroom is no longer a virgin.

This black bear is in the rhythm of the music, do you know what his musical style is?

Broke your bike? You will get this daddy bear and you will be very happy with his work.

Be in doubt, who is the hottest, what your underwear dug or who wears boxer shorts!

Love has no age limit, it is important to maintain the essence of companionship and mutual loyalty of both!

The more bears you have on the beach, the more happy men we are!

Hey, there's a spot in the bed, do you want to sleep with me?

In this pandemic season it is better to use the garage to do your physical exercises there!

He is not the superman but a super bear that all of our followers would like to have their lives saved.

Hey, you there! Do you want to help scratch your back?

At the end of the day, your boss asks you to work overtime to teach this handsome guy in the new role of the company, what would you think?

I know, you don't want to look at the chandelier, much less that two lamps are missing, but the ass of the boy you're holding!

"I don't think the boy is going to get to my apartment today" said the teddy bear looking out the window!

Did you like the red bear? We returned again with another photo of him to the delight of our followers!

"I miss giving that kiss, daughter!" We know you're jealous of this beautiful furry couple. Calm down, your day will come!

Highlight of the week is Turkish Jas, see his profile by clicking here

Who never dreamed of being approached, handcuffed and arrested by a sheriff like this one!

They came to talk because we didn't put the red bears in the photo of the day, so here's one showing your chest!

Today is the day to show a beautiful muscle bear in red swim trunks on a beach in Brazil. Argentine Gustavo Gabriel is all good, isn't it?

Look! A bear in his natural habitat showing how real he is, naked!

In response to our followers' requests, we will show a beautiful black bear wearing a jockstrap

Let's start the week by showing a teddy bear showing the tongue and the bootie at the same time!

Today is Sunday, a day to have fun, dance, have a beer and maybe even do a pole dance like this daddy is looking to do!

Happy forever! Nothing more beautiful to see a couple making a big dream come true, get married!

Musclerbear walking like that on the subway, what a little shame !!! You can take off your mask and show your beard!

Ah! How good it is to lie on the sofa in the living room! Do you agree?

Is Daddy asking that he looked good in the picture with his new swim trunks?

Today we will show "three" beautiful bears that are on the beach showing the sympathy to claim this Tuesday!

Shall we start the week by showing another bear showing his beautiful orange swimwear so that our followers will be happy?

What do you think of this coach? Would you like to train with him? Tell us your opinion, could he be part of the Bear Plus team?

Highlight of the month of august is the Croatian Jaroslav, see some photos of them by clicking Here