"Mirror, mirror of mine! Is anyone hotter than me?" Ah, as there are people looking at themselves in the mirror daily and thus showing the "butt" to all our followers.

"Nothing like loving" says the sign where this handsome, handsome guy is trying to say that he is all this, do you agree?

What's up guys! Did you like my "butt?" look on the Bear Plus website and then tell me!

Today is the day to show more hairy bear, mustachioed and tasty!

Let's start the week by showing a typical muscle bear to claim our readers!

Italian Sebastiano had the most liked photo in the 21st edition of Selfie Sunday that takes place inside Bear Plus Instagram

There is always a teddy bear wanting to show his ass to our readers!

Look at the face of this teddy when you see a couple of bears at the Shopping Center.

Nowadays we have to wake up and see the latest news, the latest messages and of course the latest nudes that we received during the night.

They were curious to know the bear that was wearing a mask the day before, so we are showing his face.

Continuing to talk about fashion, how about this swimwear model matching the mask, what did you think?

Brazilian Carlos Quirino was the most liked on Bear Plus instagram during the past week!

Featured bear of the week is Englishman Keno Bear (instagram @ keno220) with photographic work by the talented Neil Page (instagram @ nzpage)

To love is not to look at another, it is to look together in the same direction.

Daddy is trying to call you to bathe with him, would you?

We will ask you a question! What did you like most in this photo, the tattoo, the belly or the shorts of this boy who is on the beach.

Today is the day to see a daddy with only a towel rolled down ... I know, you can already imagine what's behind her!

Let's talk about fashion? What do you think of these pajamas that are with our models! Bear also has style!

Sunday coming and you crazy to enjoy a park for that "race" with the sound in your head, correct?

Today is the day to show a handsome bearded and tattooed man to the delight of several readers!

Life is not always in black and white, a color in the universe is always valid!

#TBT - It has been six years since the Argentine LulaBear (left) was on the cover of the Portuguese version of Bear Plus, in the photo he is on the side of the magazine's chief editor, Marcelo Gomes de Andrade during the Ursound party that was promoting the magazine at the time.

Don't forget guys! When leaving home and also meeting someone around, wear masks!

There are people saying "Where are the bears?" and this one is showing that his belly is a bear's.

Let's start the week showing the talent of this bear playing banjo only in his underwear!

When a man is short, two men is good, but when 3 handsome men appear in a single photo it is already too much for our eyes.

Today is the day to show off the blond chubby. Yes, they are wonderful and interesting too!

Today is the day to be comfortable reading in the bedroom, in underwear or even naked! Do you agree?

What would you do when you saw a doctor like that to see you?

Highlight of the month of July is the American Blake Blaze, see some photos of them by clicking Here