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Marcin Bo

I met the Polish Marcin Bo (37 years old) in 2016 when he started tagging his photos in the Selfie Sunday section that Bear Plus has on Instagram and I realized that this handsome guy published cool photos and made good selfie.

In 2019 after being the highlight of the week, I decided to do an interview with him to learn a little about the bear universe in Poland. Born in ZAMOŚĆ and currently for five years now lives in WARSAW capital of the country.

Specialist in Trade Office has lived for five years with a beautiful companion who supports his publications, mostly sexy, he talks a little about his routine, his goals and why he loves to take a good photo.

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Kristian 'Mr. Bear Belgium 2019'

In Brazil, the contests appear timidly, sometimes leaving them unnoticed by other countries, perhaps because of religious issues or because most bears are afraid to appear in these contests on the part of the family, unlike in Europe, the United States and even by Mexico who make beautiful contests that mix online and real.

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Roberto Mafra - Presidente da ONG Banda do Fuxico

A Banda O Fuxico é uma das tradicionais blocos na capital paulista formada e comandada por várias pessoas da comunidade gay da cidade de São Paulo está sempre presente não somente no período de carnaval e sim por 365 dias do ano, colocando diversão em primeiro lugar para o publico gay que anda carente de projetos culturais pela capital paulista!

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Há algum tempo que não há atrações que tragam algo além de apresentações performáticas e escrachadas no circuito gay. Representatividade é o que todos vão sentir com Møshe, artista que chega ao cenário cultural com música de qualidade. Suas apresentações estão longe de ser somente um show com reboladas, brilhos, caras e bocas.

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Michael - Nude Artist

Naturism or nudism , is a cultural and political movement practicing, advocating, and defending personal and social nudity, most but not all of which takes place on private property. The term may also refer to a lifestyle based on personal, family, or social nudity.Naturism may take a number of forms.

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Thor Golden Cub

We continue with the series of featured personalities that Bear + International is doing, this week we will show a bit of a teddy bear living in the universe where people fantasize about characters from superheroes, cartoons and television series, known as " Cosplay ".

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Paul Middleton

In the worldwide bear community we have always met a lot of bears personalities involved with the song, I happened to meet handsome Englishman Paul Middleton releasing a third year ago his third work “Paul Middleton - Covers 3” and I found it interesting how he sang the various versions that I posted on You Tube and decided to do an interview with him.

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Continuing the "Profile Bear" section with the most cultured, romantic, and daring bear living in the borough of Bucks County, Pennsylvania, Buck is 43, he is a landscape architect with his 5'-10 "And 205lbs.

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Golf 'N' Cigars

We´re starting this brand-new edition which now holds a delicious piece of someone who surely draws our attention,not only for his 'selfies' posted on Instagram - we made sure to check them out and so should you! - but also these folks prove us they can be interesting, charming and polite, unlike some others out there who only try to show off and collect "likes"on social networks.

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Bear Tony

Continuing the "Profile Bear" section we will show a Syrian bear living in England, Tony Elias who is Creative Director, model and painter. Known as Bear Tony on Instagram where he publishes some photos showing his day to day. At age 37, with 6'- 2 "and 275lbs, with his well-muscled and brave look (looks a lot like the character Bluto of the Popeye cartoon) and only knew the bear community two and a half years ago when he came across the page Of Bear Plus Instagram.

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